Monthly Subscription


Orders placed from the 4th May will now receive our June box. The last day to subscribe and receive our June box is 3rd June. If you subscribe after this, your first box will be our July box.

Discover the best new Fantasy with monthly subscription to The Locked Library.

Each month you will receive a special edition book that includes:

🗝 Beautiful digital edges

🗝 An exclusive cover unique to the subscription box

🗝 A letter from the author bound into the book

🗝 A foil board design

🗝 A unique design on the spine that matches our other Locked Library books

🗝 Exclusive endpapers 

🗝 A ribbon marker


When you subscribe you will be charged the price of your first month's subscription. Each month you will be charged on the day you first subscribed to us on.

Every confirmation of purchase email includes a link to our downloadable ‘Gift Certificate’ with full details of the book box – for you to print and/or pass on to a lucky recipient if your purchase is a gift!

We are now sold out! Thank you so much for your interest. Please do join our waitlist and we will email you as soon as a subscription becomes available.

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